November 4, 2010

Simply Spook-tacular 1st Halloween!

In receipt of a friends Annual Halloween Party invite, I knew it was time to get on the ball. Especially, since the invite had the words "Kids Welcome" in bold letters at the top. This year, I didn't have much spare time to come up with an original, hand-made costume, that would suit our new Family of 4, so I got to Googling. And, that's where it began.

I decorated the house, as I usually do, only this year it took a little more time [in between feedings]. With the decorations up, I told David it was time to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch, for Riley's first Pumpkin Patch (PP) experience. We went to the PP that we have been going to for the past 2 years now, which was the first PP for Tyler, as well. Tyler picked out all of our Pumpkins and we got a ton of pictures of Riley, Riley & Tyler and our Family of 4. Of course, I opted for a pink Halloween outfit for this event and even made Riley a spider clip for her headband! I'm obsessed with accessories! Head to toe, Riley's always decked out.

After realizing that Riley had 5 Halloween outfits, I was quick to dress her in 1 each day, for the week leading up to Halloween. Of course, every outfit had a matching headband and everywhere we went that week, heads were turning at Riley and her Halloween attire. I also decided to do a little photo shoot at home on one of those days. As I was looking at the photos that I took, I realized that this wasn't the first time that I had seen this chubby-cheeked, huge, infectious grin that was staring at me. So, I went back to Tyler's First Halloween pictures, when he was almost the exact same age, and did some comparison. Tell me what you think!!!!! I can't believe how much alike they look. Incredible!
This is Tyler!

We took one last trip to a different PP by our house on Saturday, Halloween Eve. Tyler decided that we needed 4 more pumpkins to add to our collection, for a total of 6 pumpkins this year! Thankfully, David only wanted to carve 2 of them. That was a lot less mess for me!

Soon, it was time to get ready for the Halloween Party. Trying to incorporate all of us into a themed costume, I ended up going with the Flinstones. David was Fred, I was Wilma, Riley was Pebbles and Tyler was Bam-Bam, even though he's a Rubble. I ended up having to make Riley's head-piece since the wig that came with hers was HUGE on her, but it worked out better that way. I think the wig would have been too much for both her and I. The party was a great time, as always, and there were quite a few kids there for Tyler to play with. Ms. Pebbles took a short little nap in her swing, but was awake for most of the party. She did eventually fall asleep, for the night, around 9:30 in her sling and we headed home around 11:30. It was nice to get out and spend time with good friends.

Halloween Day was spent carving the pumpkins and getting ready for Trick-or-Treat with cousin Maddie. Aunt Stef bought Riley a cute little bumble bee onesie, so I decided to dress her in that for Halloween. If I were going to have worn my costume, I would have put her back in her Pebbles costume, but I knew I was going to wear my sling to carry Riley, so the bumble bee was easier and more comfortable for her. David, being the big kid at heart that he is, dressed as Fred and wore that Trick-or-Treating with Tyler and Maddie. My little bumble bee fell fast asleep about 10 minutes into our adventure. We had a great time, but had to cut it short as the rain set in on us.

Also, we were blessed with the birth of Riley's new cousin, Raegan Marie, on October 28th, so Mimi & Pop-pop (my Parents) had all 4 of their grandchildren in attendance for this Halloween! Next year will be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!


And so it goes...