August 3, 2011

11 Month Milestones

Height: 28-3/4" (52nd percentile)
Weight: 21 pounds, 2 ounces(60th percentile)

Sleeping Patterns: Nothing has changed as far as her nightly sleeping habits. The babysitter has told me on more than one occasion that she's skipping one of her naps during the day. On weekends, she still seems to manage 2 naps a day, but maybe that's because we're constantly on the go, and that can be a little exhausting. In any event, I'm sure the one nap per day schedule is approaching, as she is almost a year old.

Places Traveled: As usual, we never have a dull moment around here. Even though we only managed one trip to Lake Wales, we spent the rest of the month traveling locally to events and gatherings.

Accomplishments: I'm convinced that Riley thinks she's already 2. I know she's almost 1, but geeze, does she have to grow and develop like a weed?

Riley is the proud owner of two new pearly whites. Her top two front teeth came in within days of each other. Thankfully, she's doing much better teething than she did with the first two when she was 5 months. She was miserable then. This time around, she was fussy, but no where near what she was last time. If they all come in pairs, I'll be a happy Mommy!

As I mentioned last month, since I can't seem to keep this girl from climbing on EVERYTHING, she has now learned how to get down from everything. Well...almost everything. And, I use the word "learned" sparingly, because she certainly learned the hard way. She has met the floor a few times on her way down, but like anything else, the best way to learn is to do. Needless to say, she can now get on and off of the couch, Tyler's recliner, Tyler's bed and our bed. I had my first encounter with her climbing out of her crib in Lake Wales. I heard a noise and when I went in to check on her, I found her feet straight up in the air, hanging over the side of her crib. Thankfully, there was a bouncer next to the crib, which she was propping herself up with. SoOOOOoooo.......her crib mattress is now on the very last setting, which is practically on the floor. If she gets out of this one, we'll be in deep trouble. I never had to even think about that last setting with Tyler.

Riley celebrated her first Fourth of July during the past month. We spent the long weekend in Lake Wales for the holiday. We set up blankets on the side of the lake to watch a firework display across the lake. By the time I brought out the sparklers for Tyler, she had already gone to bed. So, it turned out to be a pretty mellow holiday this year, but as usual, she was dressed for the occasion.

We have ourselves a professional cruiser. She walks along everything she can and then some. She also stands on her own now. I don't think it will be long before she is walking, but I'm certainly not promoting it.

Ms. Lovey Dovey has started giving kisses. If you ask her for a kiss, she'll lean in toward you, mouth WIDE OPEN, and give kisses. I can't get enough.

Riley had her first bowling alley experience during the last month. We spent a Saturday night at the bowling alley celebrating Aunt Steph's birthday. Riley fell asleep on the way there and woke up around midnight. The lights were out and they were playing loud music, but she was fine. She was actually a little party animal and stayed awake until we left to go home.

We helped celebrate Matt's 30th Birthday and Layne's First Birthday during the past month. Layne is our friends little boy who is just about a month older than Riley. They were so cute playing together and it seemed as though they were flirting.

Foods: We are on all table food now, and let me tell you, this girl can eat! I've also started introducing her to milk and she's done great with it! I think the only thing that threw her off the first time, was that it was so cold. I typically made her formula bottles with room temperature water, so the first milk bottle took her by surprise, but she had no issues getting it down.

Apparel: 12 Month clothing and Size 2 shoes.

So, here I sit, at the end of this post, teary-eyed as I come to the realization that this is the last post I will be making before her first Birthday. Bittersweet doesn't begin to sum up the emotions. I think if I could bottle up any age, it would be these days. She's old enough to be independent in so many ways, yet still so dependent on her Momma. Young enough to not backtalk, yet old enough to know how to be sassy and throw temper tantrums. Young enough to still like to cuddle with me and lay on my chest, yet old enough to just be laid down for bed and not rocked to sleep. I think back on her days of discomfort when her reflux was so bad and how I prayed for the day when she would outgrow it. Well, I can honestly say that now that that day has come and gone, and reflux is just a faint memory of her baby-baby days, I would give anything to go back to them. Not for her sake, but for mine, just so that I could soak up the time again. We only get those days once and they are gone so fast...

Until the next post about a thriving 1-year-old...Happy, Healthy and Growing WAY TOO FAST! And so it goes...