October 10, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

Here comes T.R.O.U.B.L.E., indeed. Trouble on two feet, that is. Boy, do we have our hands full. As if she wasn't bossy enough before, now we have ourselves a little toddler that thinks she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants to, only now she's walking while she's "yelling" at us.

Over the last month, Riley has changed on so many levels. She has become more independent and is now walking. She started taking steps just after her first birthday, but now she is really on the go. Eeek! It's interesting to compare how different our 2 kids were when they first started walking. Tyler was very wobbly and unsure, but usually just went for the gusto, full speed ahead. Riley is the complete opposite. She is just as smooth as can be, taking her time, step by step. She takes each stride with ease and is very conservative and suave about it. She walks very well barefoot and recently, I started putting shoes on her everyday so that she gets used to them. Now, if you ask her where her shoes are, she'll walk (or speed crawl) to her room, sit on the floor below her shoe bin and lift her foot in the air waiting for me to put her shoes on. This act is usually accompanied by some yelling in excitement, as she can't wait to get her shoes on. If nothing else, this little one is ALL GIRL. She still loves her headbands, hats and now, her shoes! Hooray for accessories! Can you tell Mommy's excited?!?!


She's got some new shoes!!!

Kickin' Up Dirt in the Park!

We have also been letting Riley explore with utensil feeding. Since her second love is food (her first love is being sassy), she spends a lot of time munching. About a month ago, every time I tried to feed her with a utensil, she would try to grab it out of my hand. So, I gave in and let her have it. Much to my dismay, she took to it like a pro and made contact on the first try. So, now, I give her her own utensil as much as I can. Depending on the food (and whether I want to sweep and mop after the meal) she gets her own utensil about 80% of the time. I'd say she'll have it mastered in the next month, or so. We also find it interesting that she doesn't really have a dominant hand. She is about 50/50 with the right and left side and does well with both. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be left-handed like Pops and Grammy. I know research shows that toddlers are commonly ambidextrous until around age 2, but Tyler always favored his right hand more. Riley is on the fence.

Pancakes for Breakfast!

Taking a "stab at it"

Spooning with Ease!

There you have it, 20-1/2 pounds of walking, eating, pure ATTITUDE! Daddy would suggest that she's a typical woman, but I think I can contest that even men have their "moments". In any case, she's growing, developing and blossoming into a little being, and it's quite a ride. Until the next post. And so it goes...