February 21, 2011

First Chomper

All the recent drool and sleepless nights are now justified. Riley broke her first tooth last Friday.

Last week I noticed a slight little bubble on Riley's lower gum. I knew this bubble well , since Tyler had the same thing before he broke his first tooth. I knew it was only a matter of time before that bubble transformed into a pearly white. The only thing I wasn't expecting was for it to come so soon. Tyler had his bubble about 2 months before he cut his first tooth.

Needless to say, while at the park on a play date last Friday morning, I was explaining to a friend how exhausted I was and how Riley has been waking at all hours of the night the last couple of weeks, seeming restless and so uncomfortable. I told her that I knew it had to be from teething, especially since I had noticed the bubble on her gum last week. Just as I said that, I reached my finger in her mouth to feel her little gum, only I didn't feel gum, I felt TOOTH!!!

This is the definition of bittersweet. While I am SO SO SO SO sad to say goodbye to my all-gums, ear to ear, infectious smile, I will be one happy Mommy when we are all getting good, solid sleep again. We still have some time before that day comes, since the neighboring tooth is right behind the first, but we'll get there. Aside from the drool and the broken sleep, you would never know that our little princess is teething, so I really don't have much to complain about. She's still her smiley, happy self all day long.

And so, we've reached yet another milestone so quickly, with the arrival of her first chomper. Many more to come! And so it goes...

So Proud of Her New Addition!

Close Up!

Look What I've Got!

February 16, 2011

Beach Bum!

There are some of you reading this post, thinking "Beach, really? We're shoveling snow in below freezing temperatures!" Yes, fortunately for us that choose to live in the "Cone of Death" during Hurricane Season, we do get to enjoy our "winter" months at the beach.

Brave me, took Riley and Tyler to the beach on my own, 2 weeks ago. The weather was too perfect to pass up the opportunity. I knew I would be OK, because I had my trusty mobile baby sunshade along for the trip.

Riley seemed to REALLY, REALLY enjoy herself. She loves to be outdoors, so I thought she would. At first, I kept her in the sunshade because she's too young to wear sunblock, but after a while, she got bored with it and she was ready to see everything around us. (Which wasn't much since it was a weekday). I let her sit on the blanket with me and Tyler to scope things out and then I thought I'd test her reaction to the sand. Much to my surprise, and completely opposite from Tyler's reaction, she LOVED the sand. She buried her hands in it and just as soon as I picked her up to start wiping her down, her fist went in her mouth and the rest is history.

Riley had her second visit to the beach the following Sunday, where we joined my sister Stephanie and her two munchkins. It was quite a sight to see, with the 2 baby girls in their sunshades, enjoying the beach. There wasn't one person that walked by that wasn't fixated on our girls.

Living in "The Sunshine State" and having a momma like me who LOVES the beach, I'm sure to have a little Beach Bum on my hands. And so it goes...



February 4, 2011

Mangia Mangia!

I believe in holding off on solids, until there is a noticable change in eating habits. Over the last few weeks, I've noticed Riley's appetite increasing, seeming as though the breastmilk just wasn't satisfying her. The "writing on the wall" was the fact that she began waking up in the middle of the night, ready to nurse. I knew then, it was time for some real food!

I made the decision to start out with oatmeal, since it is the food that she is least likely to have a reaction to. After watching the video, I'll let you decide for yourself, but I think it's safe to say that Ms. Riley LOVED her first feeding. She practically grabbed her spoon out of my hand. I made it really runny, so that the consistancy was only a little thicker than breastmilk. For the most part, she did well, but we did have oatmeal EVERYWHERE!!!

We are now on a nightly "dinner" routine and I usually just put her in her bumbo seat and feed her while we are eating. It's actually really nice to have the whole family eating together. I'm going to start on veggies next week. Stay tuned. Any so it goes...

First Bite!

I couldn't feed her fast enough!

I think she likes it!


Oatmeal Everywhere!